The Weekend List

Happy Friday, everyone! In my opinion, the best day of the week! The Weekend List is a conclusion of some of my favourite reads from my week. I love spending some down time reading and catching up on my  favourite blogs, discovering new articles and looking through whom I followed most recently on Instagram. Below, I’ve gathered my reads of the week:

  1. Talk about pretty, fonts, design and definitely a wish-I-had talent – stunning calligraphy. Check out Angela from Saffron Avenue. Her instagram is an font-loving inspiration.
  2. Found this glorious baker on Instagram with stunning cakes that’s filled and topped with everything you can imagine and still looks gorgeous.
  3. Andrew Ling travels the world and takes photos of the world using people to scale how insignificant we really are compared to the beauty around us
  4. Rachel from Friends was one of my favourite TV shows characters – if you watch the episodes today her fashion still stands. Her hair continued to impress us throughout the years. Take a look at every single one of her hairstyles on Cosmo
  5. On Tuesdays, I’m vegetarian and I struggle to come up with vegetarian food that’s good and feels appetizing to eat without wishing for meat. I stumbled upon Cookie & Kate and have had successful recipes since. Her Spinach Artichoke lasagna is my fav!
  6. Been waiting so long for this – more photos from the Gilmore Girls premier next month. Luke is back and yes, so is that leather jacket. *drool*
  7. Halloween is coming up in a week – love these celebrity costumes inspired by pop culture
  8. Another one from Cosmo -anyone want to try Red Wine Hot Chocolate with me this winter?
  9. Ikea Canada celebrated 40 years today. Their 40th anniversary catalogue is out now!

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