Awake: In Cleveland

My husband and I decided to spend Canadian Thanksgiving together taking a roadtrip down to our southern neighbours. We had the opportunity to watch a football game not too far from us. My husband is a huge New England Patriots fan, and Tom Brady’s return game happened to be just a few hours away from us! It would also be my chance to watch my first football game live! So we decided to take a roadtrip down to the city of Cleveland. We managed to stop by an outlet in PA, did some fall shopping and made our way down!


The weather, while a little chilly, was sunny and absolutely gorgeous on the drive down. We drove close to 1200km overall, saw 2 beautiful sunsets and gorgeous fall colours everywhere.

The game itself was a blast! We were expecting lots of Cleveland fans, but even on our walk to the pre-game everyone around us were wearing Patriots jerseys. When we got to the stadium, the team were doing warm-ups and I got to see all our favourite players live. I felt like I was seeing celebrities (which they are), and it was so exciting!

The half-time show was a performance by Ohio State University’s marching band. Canadians don’t have marching bands so this was interesting for me to watch live. The band were so talented.


Overall, my husband and I got to spend quality time together after a long time. It was a small trip but our first time taking a road trip together. I’m already counting down to our next vacation and more to come in my Awake series.