The Weekend List

It’s Friday again, and I’m working from my home office today. I love being a part of the tech industry where I get the flexible benefits of working from home!

This week was a big one, in my opinion, with lots of news stories and announcements coming through. Check them out:

  1. Our CMO recently shared this article with us predicting digital strategies in the era of the 2020’s. A typical day in the future will consist of you waking up in the morning and talking to your smart home assistant about your day. Read more here.
  2. Taylor Swift celebrated 10 years since the launch of her first album. Only after reading through this article, which highlights all of her top hits, did I realize that I’ve been a fan since day one.
  3. Celebrating Halloween on Monday, if you’re stumped for ideas or looking for something low key to wear to work, check out thisΒ DIY bat headband from Martha Stewart.
  4. Coco’s Tea Party was one of the first blogs I ever started following, I love her sense of style and enthusiasm. Her recent blog post on tips to take beautiful food pics seems pretty accurate to me.
  5. BEST EVER. Trailer for Gilmore Girls on Netflix is here!!
  6. Microsoft and Apple announced new products this week but I have to say, Microsoft took the cake on this one with the stunning new Surface Studio all-in-one desktop targeted at creatives. View the beautiful ad!
  7. H&M Canada finally opened an online store!Β The store has some exclusive deals online online, so make sure to check it out.
  8. The holidays are my favourite time of the year. Every year I anticipate the holiday especially with Halloween in the midst. For the first time, this year will be the year mobile shopping surpasses desktop shopping. And we’ll be spending $91 billion for it.
  9. I’m guilty of looking through my closet and announcing that I have nothing to wear. This happens more times than I can count. But this post from The Chriselle Factor inspired me to take a new attitude to my wardrobe and be creative in my clothing.

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