The Weekend List

Another Friday – I can’t believe how quickly the week flies by. Lots of fun reads that I came across this week – my favourite has been the release of the new Beauty and the Beast images. I’m in absolute heaven! Emma Watson is one of my favourite celebrities and I couldn’t be more excited for this movie to come out! Check out the rest of my weekly reads:

  1. Great read on some habits of stylish people. Involves a little mindfulness and planning so that you’re not leaving the house unhappy with your outfit!
  2. Adele’s new cover on Vanity Fair – no words.
  3. This couple is #Goals
  4. I’m ready to get my calligraphy on. Thanks to this amazing resource post on what I need to get started!
  5. I’ve been waiting year for Beauty and the Beast to come out. Cannot. Wait.
  6. Have you ever landed on an error page on Hilary Clinton’s campaign website? This is what happens.Β Hilarious!
  7. I’m allll for a messy bun – here are some ways you can style it!
  8. Being financial important is so so crucial. Take a look at 6 habits of financially smart women. So true.
  9. You might be wearing a blanket scarf wrong – here’s how you do it!

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