2017: New Years Resolutions

What a year 2016 has been! There were some amazing experiences in my life this year that I will remember forever. I got married this year, moved to our own place and travelled. We’ve also experienced some pivotal moments in the world this year: the Aleppo crisis, being under the leadership of Justin Trudeau, Pokemon GO, Brexit, and of course, Trump.

I am already looking forward to 2017. We have vacations planned, close friends’ weddings and planning on making the next step towards our future together. I’m looking forward to building and stabilizing our relationship and a life together with my husband while continuing to build a strong career for myself. I want to take my creative strengths and bring them to the next level. I am also conscious about my health and fitness and want to ensure I don’t let go of a healthy mindset.

This morning I read a blog post from a fellow blogger and friend on how to set SMART goals for 2017. I decided to take her advice and shape my resolutions to be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant (realistic) and time-oriented.

Here are my resolutions for 2017:

  1. Get back into shape. My goal is to go back to my wedding body by July 2017. The FBG guide by Anna Victoria got me in the best shape of my life for my wedding.
  2. Be proactive with my blog. Continue with bi-monthly (or more) posts, maintain my Instagram feed and improve my photography skills.
  3. Be mindful. Think about putting others first.
  4. Maintain a healthy, strong and caring relationship with my husband.
  5. Educate and learn how to take my hobbies and passions to the next level. Take my creative hobbies: calligraphy, drawing and photography, and improve on them.
  6. Learn new things.
  7. Be financially set for our future. Continue to put money towards a future home, car, trips and reduce monthly material shopping.

Hope you all had a year to remember or looking forward to a new, clean slate. What are your New Years resolutions?



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